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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being


Neil Peters is an accomplished freelance programme and project manager specialising in suicide prevention.

In 2020, Neil set up Nuthatch Consultants to support charities and business with suicide prevention, mental health & well-being advice.  They can provide guidance, consultancy and project management to support organisations.

Recent Nuthatch projects have included programme managing the launch of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance’s lived experience network and working with Samaritans to review Highways England’s suicide prevention strategy. Neil is currently working with a major property firm to write a suicide prevention strategy for their retail business and reviewing a suicide prevention report for another major landowner. He has particular knowledge of reducing suicides in public places.

Prior to setting up Nuthatch, Neil led the award-winning suicide prevention on the railway programme for Samaritans in partnership with Network Rail.

He delivered major award-winning suicide prevention campaigns Real People Real Stories and Small Talk Saves Lives and represented Samaritans in the media to promote these campaigns. This is when he first met Men’s Radio and recognised the medium as a great opportunity to get men talking about mental health and suicide. Neil also appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, Channel 5 news and numerous radio stations for Samaritans. He led Samaritans’ training team delivering suicide prevention and trauma support training and wrote the rail industry guide for suicide prevention in community outreach.

Neil’s other interests lie in the environment and sport and he has a growing interest in using the natural environment to support people’s wellbeing.

Show: Men-talk Mental Health with Neil Peters.

Neil’s experience has shown that men are talking more about difficult subjects but there is still a real barrier to talking about how they are feeling and their emotional and mental health. Neil wants to explore with friends and others why this is, and use his radio show to discuss important issues which affect men’s mental health. Perhaps they can find ways to encourage more men to talk about these issues and seek help.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Anxiety
  • Fathers, and supporting partners with post-natal depression
  • Peer support
  • Autism and aspergers
  • Mental health at work
  • Alcohol
  • Parenting
  • Creating safe spaces to talk
  • Looking after carers


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