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Oliver Mammon

Oliver Mammon

“Hello, I am Oliver Mammon. Lab director and head of product design at Taylor Mammon, I call my self an “infusionologist”. My job is to create Cannabinoid products that work, products with a purpose.
My journey with CBD started when I couldn’t find what I needed to treat myself. I felt lost. Accurately dosed products did not exist. Transparency from suppliers didn’t exist. Reliable and consistent products did not exist. So I decided to start making my own.

Unfortunately for many people, this lack of traceability remains to be the case.

Over the last few years, Taylor Mammon has had an incredible journey, bringing the CBD market, a transparent service. Whilst providing the people we serve, with products they can rely on. Our ethos is all about the end-user. Because we are also an end-user.

For me it is really about understanding the ingredients & product, I have always been lab-based, I create mathematically accurate recipes, products with a purpose and products people can rely on. This has given me my understanding of cannabinoids and their application. Having spent over 20,000 hours in my lab, experimenting and fiddling this is now officially more than a hobby.”


Show: The ABC of CBD 

The show aims to help you navigate through the complex, convoluted, contradictory and partially misleading world of CBD, cannabinoids and eventually cannabis. Hopefully shining a bright light on the information you need to know, to find the products that are right for you.

When I have an issue, I know what I need because of my experience, I want you to have the same understanding, without the long tedious journey of experimental experience.

You may hear people talk about CBD and or cannabis oil and feel a little lost and little overwhelmed, you might hear conversations about medical cannabis and the positive effects it has had. How cannabis alleviates this and that, CBD does this and that, but you are still left in the dark.

The word cannabis is not singular it is plural when you think of pharmaceuticals, you think of 1000s of different products, a market with vast functions and applications, studies and reports. When you think CBD, Cannabinoids and Cannabis it needs to be the same.

There are no multi-purpose pharmaceutical products and unfortunately, there is no real multi-purpose cannabis product. Every product has a purpose, a direction, a goal. Every cannabinoid has a reason, every milligram counted or combined means something.

Every subsidiary compound or added ingredient has its core value. Resulting in an end product with a specific direction, created to promote a specific feeling, or target a specific ailment.

Now I know what you are thinking. This dude is going to over complicate everything. Actually, you are probably right, but just like with the ABC’s and 123’s, it all starts off being confusing and then things just start to make sense.

Unfortunately, you may feel lost before you find what you are looking for. I know this can happen because I was there. I felt like it was all hopeless and I felt lost, I was alone.

But you are not alone, you have me. And we are going to be ok.

For the next few months, I am going to try my hardest to guide you through this world and make it all a little less daunting. I will teach you what to look for in a product, how to understand the difference between different extracts and we will meet some incredible people with incredible stories.

With guest doctors, scientists, researchers, nutritionists, active users, patients, advocates and me, your cannabis consultation will be your comfort zone, a place to ask questions, find answers and hopefully build a community of like-minded people who can all help each other.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are all children in this infant market place, and I want to create that village for all of us.

The ABC of CBD, your guide to your journey.

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