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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being


Paul Andrews started his career as a professional magician & presenter, performing around the world for private and corporate events. To take a break from the travelling he then moved into the varied world of production. Paul worked as a producer and director for children’s television, specialising in magic and hidden camera shows. His love of all things psychological (magic being more about psychology than trickery) led him to consulting for entertainment documentaries on subjects ranging from fear to deception.

Paul spends his time these days acting as a consultant for television formats, devising ‘Escape Room Games’ and producing content for social media.

Show: B-Positive

In the show Paul hunts down motivated people from around the world to find out their ideas and strategies. Finding out what makes people positive, how they use their frame of mind to overcome adversities and getting unique insights that could benefit us all. Paul aims to try out the different ideas we hear and see how they can work in practice.

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