Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

August 2019 – Keith Girling – Emotional Well Being Champion

Keith Girling

Keith Girling

Emotional Well Being Champion

I left the Grenadier Guards having served 18 years in a combat infantry regiment and although I managed to contain the effect of my service for almost 15 years I then suffered deep depression to the point where I wanted to end my life. Luckily I have two dogs Eric and Lucy who gave me a reason to keep going, after all who would look after them if not me?

What made things worse was I am the chairman of a local armed forces charity who help support our veterans some of whom have mental health problems and I wouldn’t access their support because I was the chairman and it was in place for them not me, wasn’t it?

I am now an advocate for people, especially men (we don’t like to admit it) talking about mental health so that it becomes as acceptable as the common cold.

This year I was asked to be a founding trustee of a gifting Charity BNA who help support through funding local charities and charitable organisations.

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