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June 2019 – David Charkham
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‘Now that you’ve stopped, how do you stay stopped?’ David Charkham

Addiction Recovery Coach, Motivational Speaker and Actor, David Charkham has been engaged as an Ambassador to Asia’s most respected addiction rehabilitation centre, The Cabin for almost a year.

As an actor, David is known for old classics ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ (1968), ‘Crossroads’, two of the most iconic musicals of the 70s; ‘Hair’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and most recently playing Kiera Knightley’s father in The Imitation Game (2014).

After his own battle with addiction, David developed his Recovery Skills Programme in 1989. After 24 years as an NHS Recovery Skills Specialist, he now works across the music and entertainment industry, sharing his story ‘32 Years Sober’ and asking the key question ‘Now that you’ve stopped, how do you stay stopped?’

David, also known as the ‘Rock ‘n Roll Recovery Coach’ has worked with many famous faces, his journey with Ozzy Osborne and the family has been publicly acknowledged and spanned many years and continents. He is a co-patron of The Outside Edge Theatre Company (OETC), which supports recovering addicts and is the only theatre company working nationally and internationally producing work focused on substance-misuse. He works alongside co patrons Pierce Brosnan, Jimmy Page, Mark Rylance, Simon Woodroffe, and previously worked with the late founder Phil Fox, who set up the OETC in 1998. Sell- out play Chem Sex, co-produced by OETC is known for shaping the LGBTQ+ community, is currently in production at Soho Theatre and ties to part of David’s Ambassador commitments to The Cabin’s LGBT programme Resort 12 supported by Elton John and David Furnish.

David contributed extensively to bestselling novelist Mark Billingham’s book ‘Die of Shame’ and the lead character, The Counsellor, is based on him. The book depicts six people’s stories and deepest secrets on addiction; lies, regret and above all, shame, twisted within a murder mystery.

Alongside The Cabin and the various specialist programmes the clinic runs, David brings his wealth of experience, knowledge and support over his 32 years of sobriety.
“David Charkham is a skilled sober companion whose years of experience allowed me to feel safe. He saved my life numerous times on tour. I could not recommend him any higher.”
Ozzy Osborne
“A very wise, mature and likeable man who really knows his work. This is as good a return on investment as you can get anywhere.”
Simon Woodroffe, founder YO! Sushi
“Having known David for many years I’ve been able to observe his expertise in assisting people on their journey of recovery. He is widely acknowledged in the Recovery Treatment Community as a leading operator and is one of the most credible individuals in an area where many mavericks operate. His wealth of knowledge, both within the NHS and the private sector, combined with his excellent communication skills, and his experience spanning over 2 decades, has earned him tremendous respect and an immaculate reputation. I am happy to highly recommend David as a Recovery Coach/Sober companion.”
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe

May 2019 – Jonny Benjamin MBE
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Jonny Benjamin MBE is an award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger.

At the age of 20 he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar, and later began making films on YouTube about the condition that have been watched by millions of people.

Jonny now speaks publicly about living with mental illness and has written articles and given various interviews on TV, Radio and in print around the world to help educate and break stigma. He has also produced and presented documentaries on BBC Three and Channel 4 on the subjects of mental health and suicide.

His 2014 social media campaign with Rethink Mental Illness to #findMike, the man who talked him out of jumping off a bridge when he was suicidal, went viral and led to Jonny becoming a prominent spokesperson on the subject of suicide.

In 2016 Jonny launched ThinkWell, a mental health programme for schools, which has so far been into secondary schools across the UK with huge success.

Jonny spent 2017 writing the first of 2 books on mental health that was published in May 2018. His second book, currently titled The Book Of Hope, will be a collection of quotes, poems and stories by himself and others to inspire recovery and hope. It will be published in 2020.

In 2019 Jonny launched his new mental health charity, Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma, together with Neil. Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma is a grant-giving organisation which aims to provide mental health support to young people, their families and teachers.





Business Website Address: https://jonnybenjamin.co.uk/
April 2019 – Kian Saville – Para Olympain
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At the young age of 18, Kian Saville has had an incredibly challenging start to life.  8 years ago, investigations began into why he had started fitting; what they discovered was life-changing.  He was diagnosed with brain tumour and Neurofibromatosis Type 2, a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along the nerves.  In Kian’s case, he had tumours on his eye nerves, ears and spinal cord and is blind in one eye.

Kian has undergone surgery to remove the brain tumour and is still undergoing regular chemotherapy. Coping with all of this has undoubtedly required incredible strength and bravery and he hasn’t allowed these huge hurdles to get in his way. Impressively, he represents Great Britain and the East Midlands Region in the Para-International Championships and World Para-Series and is an ambassador for Birmingham’s Children Hospital where he gives talks about his life experience and his dream is to continue growing his public speaking rol

Business Website Address: https://jonnybenjamin.co.uk/
March 2019 – Christopher Jones
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Christopher is Harley Streets leading fear + phobia removal expert. Passionate about pulling people out of their negative patterns of behaviour, Christopher shows his clients how to finally be free of the emotions that have them trapped, like mental quicksand.

Through his strong understanding that issues are not to be labelled or put in a box, Christopher has developed a coaching style that is high energy, fast paced and balanced between laser focused, unconventional and light hearted.

This technique has resulted in a recipe for change that works swiftly at an incredibly deep level, ridding his clients of phobias, fears and anxiety.

Chris conquered his own phobia.

A lifelong student of personal transformation already deemed impossible by other professionals, Christopher has turned his life around from school dropout to his current position as an internationally recognized expert and guide in the areas of human behaviour and applied psychology.

After conquering his fear of public speaking to become a top NLP trainer, holding the highest level of certification from 3 different schools and studying many other therapeutic coaching and healing modalities (see below). Christopher rid himself of his own flying phobia – he found himself strapped to the OUTSIDE of a helicopter on a joy ride through the Pyrenees mountai

Business Website Address: https://christopherpauljones.com/
Business Phone Number: 0208 133 8470
Business Address: 2 Harley St,
ZIP Code: W1G 9PA
February 2019 – Paul Claridge
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What a wonderful surprise to be named as the Emotional Wellbeing Champion for February.

In 2017 things were looking good for me. I was losing weight and feeling good. Then at the end of August things started to change.

I ignored the initial symptoms. I assumed that a healthier lifestyle was the cause of my rapid weight loss and change in bowel habits. Only after months of badgering from a few close friends did I finally give in a see my doctor. That was in March 2018. Yes it did take me that long. Although I had already worked out in my own mind what the problem was I still convinced myself it was something else.. haemorrhoids etc.

Wrong, it was bowel cancer. Of course the diagnosis scared me but through employing a positive mental attitude with humour, along of course with the excellent medical teams, I’m beating it.

Sharing my story has been cathartic. Talking privately with close friends has been an even bigger help, especially when depression kicks in and from that, although I’ve always encouraged people to talk to me privately if they have problems I’m now actively encouraging it through my social media updates and by privately messaging people who I think may have issues. Since my diagnosis and going public with my story a number of friends have contacted me for a chat and asked for help and advice in regards to whatever their problem is. Oh and most of them aren’t cancer related.

As for me, I’m beating my cancer. The tumour is gone, yes I have to live with an ileostomy for a while but that’s a small price to pay. Chemo is kicking my butt and making me feel like crap but that will end in a few months then it’s onwards and upwards.

The lesson is that any problem can be solved, a serious illness isn’t always the end. Treat it as a new adventure… and talk.

Oh and if you have a few spare pennies please consider a donation to Dimbleby Cancer Care as charity helping cancer patients through treatment, recovery and beyond. http://www.dimblebycancercare.org/

Business Website Address: My favourite charity
January 2019 – Dave Rochelle
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What a lovely surprise and great honour it was to hear that I’ve been named champion of the month for MensRadioStation.com

I’m even prouder to be the first to get the award and if talking about my journey can help even one person do a bit better on their’s then all that I went through will have been worthwhile.

I was unlucky enough to lose a leg to diabetes but you don’t have to if you look for the signs, go for the checks and do your best to combat this plague on our modern times.

Its attacking our young and old alike and knows no barriers or boundaries so we have to fight it with everything we have. To avoid it in the first place and do minimise its effects if we’ve left it too late.  As the programmes go on I’ll be sharing my personal experience and thoughts on coping mechanisms along with good sound advice from guest medical professionals. So do join me right here on MensRadioStation.com for a bit of a chat. We may have an illness but we don’t have to be ill.

Learning to walk again with a leg missing is a daunting prospect. But it can be done once you’ve worked out the basics, and never forget: tiny steps can cover the same distance as giant strides. It just takes a little longer. And my goodness its satisfying.

This is Dave R looking forward to speaking with you here on MensRadioStation.com soon.


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