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Noel McDermott
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Noel McDermott brings innovation and more than 25 years of industry experience as founder of several mental health care companies.

Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd offers counselling, advice and tailored support to individuals, couples, families and groups drawing from diverse experience and training, including cognitive behavioural, psycho-dynamic, arts and drama therapies. His latest company, Sober Help Ltd, founded in 2018, offers many of the same innovative approaches to therapy with a focus on recovery from addictions, recorrecting the relapse cycle and supporting the entire community with a clear goal toward life-long sobriety.

Both Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd and Sober Help Ltd provide bespoke ethical service with concierge level health and social care plans. The goal supporting individuals and families struggling with a range of problems in mental health, addiction, trauma and eating disorders, specialising in international services, coordinating families and care teams.

As public speaker and thought-leader, Noel supports health and social care professionals through education and professional business training.

Noel McDermott and his companies successfully balance clinical integrity and business efficiency. Additional: Noel is a regular spokesperson for UK media and featured in Spectator Health, BBC Radio Oxford, The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, Closer, New! and Best.

Psychotherapist (HCPC reg AS00582),receiving post-graduate of therapy from University of Hertfordshire in 1996.

Noel McDermott, CEO

Business Phone Number: 07506 319 745
Peter Strange
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Peter Strange – Pressing the RESET button for your Body & Mind

Peter’s career in Health and Fitness began in 1995 after the realisation that he would not be able to pursue his dream of a career in sport due to serious back and knee injuries sustained in his teenage years.

Despite his initial disappointment, he was able to channel his frustration into an overwhelming desire to understand and conquer his own pain and then to help others overcome pain and injury and realise their true performance potential through optimal health and wellbeing.

He has since built his reputation as a specialist in providing Pain Solutions and empowering Performance Success, often transforming the lives of his clients through an exceptional ability to quickly resolve both chronic and acute physical and emotional pain issues and facilitate improvements in performance both for sport and life in general.

His extensive studies and clinical experience have led him to develop The RESET Method (Rebalancing Energy for Structural and Emotional Transformation) which encompasses elements from Applied Kinesiology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Qi Gong Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and more, blended seamlessly to achieve energetic balance in the body and mind and address pain from both a structural and emotional perspective.

Through intuitive reasoning and an understanding of the body’s subtle energies and the common metaphysical themes related to specific body parts, Peter is able to help clients identify and resolve emotional issues that are causing them pain whilst also enhancing their conscious and subconscious awareness of the interconnected workings of their body and mind. This increases the probability of the body being able to heal itself, should the same imbalances occur in the future.

In rare cases where there is no pain or imbalance that can be detected in the physical body, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is another incredibly effective tool that Peter is able to use for releasing the emotional attachment to traumatic events, limiting beliefs, addictive tendencies and fears or phobias. This is achieved through the stimulation of specific acupressure points alongside the use of powerful verbal affirmations and offers a relatively painless and often dramatically quicker alternative to conventional psychotherapy methods.

The RESET Method has also been shown to work just as effectively over great distances and sometimes with even more profound results and Peter is able to apply the same diagnostic and treatment protocols by using his own body as a surrogate for that of his client whilst working through any emotional issues that arise directly with the client. EFT can also be delivered remotely.

Alongside treatment, Peter’s clients are empowered to make necessary changes in their own lives through Corrective and High-Performance Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and this powerful combination of treatment and the client’s own active participation ensure that the perfect balance of optimal health is both achieved and maintained.

Whether your aim is to recover from injury, become pain free, improve sports performance or remove physical, mental or emotional blockages that prevent you from performing at your very best, Peter Strange has the tools to ensure that you achieve the success you truly deserve.

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