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Dr Mark Hoelterhoff talks Resillience

Dr Mark Hoelterhoff talks Resillience

Men’s Radio Station is joined by the highly regarded Dr Mark Hoeltherhoff where he joins us in discussing the importance of resillience and where is can be helpful especially in a work place environment. Dr Mark Hoeltherhoff also explains how we form resllience and what it means

Mark Christopher Lee talks about his experience with suicide

first time film maker of Weird the Life and Times of a Pocket God. More known for being frontman of cult indie band The Pocket Gods whose claim to fame are protest albums of 30 second songs highlighting lack of royalties for artists from streaming. Also hold the Guinness World Record for most tracks on an album and have been described by BBC 6’s Tom Robinson as a willful maverick

Director Statement

‘I started making this film all on my own with no budget limited technology but a mad head full of ideas. I wanted to tell the story of my cult band of our 20 years of nonexistence and the ups and downs of playing in that band. I also wanted to tell my own personal story about my abusive childhood and the impact that my mental health has had on my life and recent suicide attempt. I’m trying to raise awareness to help other men specially to talk and seek help. But I also wanted to make an indie Spinal Tap.’

James Grover joins us in raising awareness for Blood Pressure

THE SILENT KILLER: New blood pressure survey findings and expert comment from Kinetik
Well-Being and St John Ambulance available next week. 16 million people in Britain have high blood pressure. 5.5 million People are unaware that
they have it. High blood pressure is known as The Silent Killer. It is largely symptomless with the result that thousands of people go undiagnosed every year.

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease (causing over half of all strokes
and heart attacks), kidney disease and vascular dementia.
The number of people in the UK dying from heart and circulatory diseases before the age of
75 is RISING. The yearly mortality rate is in excess of 75,000.
80% of all sufferers of high blood pressure do not take their medication because they feel
fine. The cost to the NHS is over £2.1 billion annually.

Causes of high blood pressure can be attributed to smoking, too much alcohol, being
overweight, a lack of exercise, stress, too much salt in the diet, older age, genetics and sleep
apnea, while people in deprived areas are more likely to have high blood pressure
Every adult in the UK would benefit from a blood pressure machine.

Kinetik Well-Being are offering complimentary BP monitoring machines for review and
survey findings will be available upon request ahead of Blood Pressure

E.J Shaffert discusses modern masculinity alongside Soul of Man

​E. J. is body psychotherapist, teacher and co-leader of the Soul of Men Training, a 2-year program in
Despite all of our social media, loneliness amongst men has become an epidemic.  Uncover ways to
create powerful authentic male friendships.
What does it mean to be a masculine man in modern times?
​As men, we live in a challenging era. The misconduct and oppressiveness of some male public figures
has led to condemnation of male behaviour and male-ness in general, labelling male power
as toxic masculinity.

Some academics and social activists would have us believe that the experience of gender as
masculine or feminine is itself an artificial social construct, and not inherent in our own nature.
And yet, many men may feel that our masculinity is not arbitrary and not just a product of our
upbringing and imagination. Modern men are bombarded by these confusing and even condemning
messages about what it means to be a man, leaving many of us to feel self-conscious about our
impulses and guilty just for being men.

Dr Robin Hadley talks impact of childlessness on older men

Dr Robin A Hadley is a mature Early Career Researcher who is a world expert on male childlessness
and ageing. His research has been widely published in international and national media. His PhD
(Keele, 2015) examined the impact of involuntarily childless on the lives of older men.
Previously he had self-funded his MA and MSc degrees at The University of Manchester, UK. Post
PhD Robin has held a number of research consultant posts on University research projects. Recently
he collaborated on a research project on the impact of early years’ experience and childlessness in
later life. Robin has written several invited academic pieces and he has supported several infertility
and involuntary childless support groups through contributions to blogs and podcasts.
His previous careers include counsellor, deputy technical manager, scientific photographer, and
kitchen assistant. He is a founder member of the campaign group Ageing Well Without Children.