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Tristan Lee’s Empower Hour – Wes Linden

Amandip Sidhu tells us why doctors need us more then ever

Amandip Sidhu is the founder and C.E.O of Doctors in distress. Amandip started this charity organization when in 2018 his brother took his own life. Amandip tells us the story of his amazing brother who was a successful cardiologist who suffered from burn out in the middle of a anxiety/mental health crisis took his own life. Amandip explains how we can help our doctors and what needs to change in helping doctors

Tristan Lee’s Empower Hour – Wes Linden

Ben West mental health activist shares his tragic story

Ben west a increadibly brave young man talks to men’s radio about mental health awareness. Ben unfornately lost his brother to suicide, bens brother took his own life when he was only 15, ever since then Ben has made it his mission in life to campagin for mental health awareness so something like this cannot happen again

Tristan Lee’s Empower Hour – Wes Linden

Luciano Lorio describes his new book an Author on Trail

Luciano Lorio joins the Men’s Radio Station team to regail us of stories of his fathers mysterious past. In the book Luciano Lorio tells the story of how his father, after writing a successful book, wrote a sequel and was then placed on trail 5 times of obscenitiy. Listen in to discover more about the fate of the author on trail

Mark Christopher Lee talks about his experience with suicide

first time film maker of Weird the Life and Times of a Pocket God. More known for being frontman of cult indie band The Pocket Gods whose claim to fame are protest albums of 30 second songs highlighting lack of royalties for artists from streaming. Also hold the Guinness World Record for most tracks on an album and have been described by BBC 6’s Tom Robinson as a willful maverick

Director Statement

‘I started making this film all on my own with no budget limited technology but a mad head full of ideas. I wanted to tell the story of my cult band of our 20 years of nonexistence and the ups and downs of playing in that band. I also wanted to tell my own personal story about my abusive childhood and the impact that my mental health has had on my life and recent suicide attempt. I’m trying to raise awareness to help other men specially to talk and seek help. But I also wanted to make an indie Spinal Tap.’