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December 2019 – Rodney Stone – Emotional Well Being Champion

Rodney Stone

Rodney Stone

Emotional Well Being Champion

Rodney Stone was from a good family and played football at a young age reaching the semi-professional level getting paid to play. At an early age of 17/18 Rodney started to experience serve Anxiety and panic attacks which he blames for stopping him being a professional footballer. However his mental health got the better of him at that point in his life as a result Rodney developed a coping technique; instead of going to the hospital every day Rodney instead choose to drink copious amounts of alcohol. It started off with a pint just to relax himself however it slowly got out of hand. 

Rodney was relying on alcohol to get him through the day, at this point he had a good job in the city, it was now making him uneasy to go out in large social settings. Packed trains, Buses or busy streets made him feel uncomfortable. The only time Rodney felt comfortable was at home when he had access to alcohol. Even when Rodney was only a few hours from home he felt very nervous and uncomfortable leading to the loss of his job. The losing of his job then spiraled into Rodney dealing with a serious case of depression. That was when things really started to get out of control. Rodney was drinking to manage his anxiety and taking illegal drugs to manage his depression. At that point Rodney didn’t know what else to do he was at his wit’s end at such a young age. 

No one wanted to talk about panic attacks especially not when you’re a ‘bloke’. Rodney saught help from professionals and was immediately given the drug Diazepam and told that for us to help you you’ll need to come seek professional help sober. When Rodney showed up to seek help sober he was told ‘you mustn’t need our help that bad as you haven’t had a drink’. After years of struggling to get support he has now found life after addiction and claims that the best three years of his life have come after he conquered his addiction. Rodney Stone is now keen to get out there and spread the word that there is life out there after addiction.

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