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January 2019 – Dave Rochelle – Emotional Well Being Champion

Dave Rochelle

Dave Rochelle

Emotional Well Being Champion

What a lovely surprise and great honour it was to hear that I’ve been named champion of the month for

I’m even prouder to be the first to get the award and if talking about my journey can help even one person do a bit better on their’s then all that I went through will have been worthwhile.

I was unlucky enough to lose a leg to diabetes but you don’t have to if you look for the signs, go for the checks and do your best to combat this plague on our modern times.

Its attacking our young and old alike and knows no barriers or boundaries so we have to fight it with everything we have. To avoid it in the first place and do minimise its effects if we’ve left it too late.  As the programmes go on I’ll be sharing my personal experience and thoughts on coping mechanisms along with good sound advice from guest medical professionals. So do join me right here on for a bit of a chat. We may have an illness but we don’t have to be ill.

Learning to walk again with a leg missing is a daunting prospect. But it can be done once you’ve worked out the basics, and never forget: tiny steps can cover the same distance as giant strides. It just takes a little longer. And my goodness its satisfying.

This is Dave R looking forward to speaking with you here on soon.

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