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Human Issue, written & directed by Dean Moynihan, is a 60 minute, one man meta theatrical play in which the character, Frank, is a comedian born in the 1960s, who’s experiencing issues in his life.

The bailiffs have repossessed almost everything he owns, his relationship has broken down, he’s unemployed, he’s isolating. Due to his cultural upbringing, he’s self medicating with alcohol, while subverting his frustrations & anger with himself as dark philosophical acerbic humorous wit as a coping mechanism.

He’s intelligent he’s funny, he’s frustrated, he’s frank & is triggered into contemplating becoming yet another anonymous male suicide statistic.

As Frank delivers as part monologue, part stand up comedy routine, he finds his voice & spontaneously articulates in his vernacular, his innermost thoughts, fears, emotions, he admits that he’s embarrassed of himself as he feels he’s failed at everything & his life has become untenable as he finally comes to accept that there is a dark family tragedy lurking at the heart of all this.

As Frank frankly orates his story, he is brutally honest with himself in acknowledging events of his life that has led him to this awful place.

Frank inadvertently counsels himself & realises that by talking, he’s been able to untangle the chaotic minefield of tangents of thought that’s been causing his existential anguish, as he accepts that there are unresolved issues but by talking he finds hope of a positive resolution.

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