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David is an award winning radio presenter and producer who credits radio with saving his life. After struggling with his mental health since he was a teenager, David was struck with a very serious breakdown in 2017.

David had been working as a children’s entertainer for much of his adult life before this episode and had discovered a passion for radio during this period. It was when he fell ill in 2017 that he decided to dedicate his time to making it in radio. He trained with Bauer Media and shortly after was working in hospital broadcasting. For this whole period, David was still considerably ill but slowly began to feel better thanks to his love for making entertaining radio. In 2018 he landed his first paid role in the industry and in 2019 his efforts were recognised in the voluntary sector with a “Best Newcomer” Award at the HBA Awards.

The ‘J’ in his name is a dedication to his late father who he sadly lost at a young age.

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