Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz / Presenter

Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz shows

Conquering life battles of his own, Kenny doesn’t put the focus on your past – he uses real-life examples and practical techniques to solve problems, focusing on where you want to go in your future.

A unique activity, Kenny also hosts a weekly Men’s Group, which is simply a circle of men, hanging out and getting real with each other. That’s it – no pressure, and no fuss. Yet, it’s one of the best ways to get men to share their experiences and listen to one another with authentic depth. Kenny really knows what makes men tick, sharing his wisdom to help people better communicate with men in their own lives.

Through the different methods on offer, Kenny ensures one thing – that you find your true self and move on from whatever is holding you back. Whether you opt for a private consultation or for one of the shared men’s groups, Kenny will begin your journey of personal discovery to uncover the best of who you really are. Together, you will work on the conflicting parts inside of you, becoming self-aware and working toward a total life transformation.

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