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Noel McDermott – Expert Guest

Noel Mcdermott

Noel Mcdermott

Expert Guest

Noel McDermott brings innovation and more than 25 years of industry experience as founder of several mental health care companies.

Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd offers counselling, advice and tailored support to individuals, couples, families and groups drawing from diverse experience and training, including cognitive behavioural, psycho-dynamic, arts and drama therapies. His latest company, Sober Help Ltd, founded in 2018, offers many of the same innovative approaches to therapy with a focus on recovery from addictions, recorrecting the relapse cycle and supporting the entire community with a clear goal toward life-long sobriety.

Both Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd and Sober Help Ltd provide bespoke ethical service with concierge level health and social care plans. The goal supporting individuals and families struggling with a range of problems in mental health, addiction, trauma and eating disorders, specialising in international services, coordinating families and care teams.

As public speaker and thought-leader, Noel supports health and social care professionals through education and professional business training.

Noel McDermott and his companies successfully balance clinical integrity and business efficiency. Additional: Noel is a regular spokesperson for UK media and featured in Spectator Health, BBC Radio Oxford, The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, Closer, New! and Best.

Psychotherapist (HCPC reg AS00582),receiving post-graduate of therapy from University of Hertfordshire in 1996.

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