Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

Company Name:
Online Therapy 247

Online Therapy 247 is a family of accredited experienced counsellors.   Online Therapy 247 is here to help with all of your daily challenges.

Why choose Us:

  • Instantly available, no need for pre-bookings
  • 100% Confidential with trusted therapists
  • No requirement for doctor referrals
  • Call from the comfort of your sofa, anywhere in the world
  • Broad range of experience and qualification from our pool of trusted experts
  • Available even if all you need is a chat or a someone to listen
  • Multiple methods of communications including video, telephone or email

Please visit our website and call on 0207 553 5080 to speak to our friendly receptionists.

Contact Info

Business Phone Number: 0207 553 5080
Business Address:23 Horizon Building,
15 Hertsmere Road,
Canary Wharf, London E14 4AW.

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