MRS – David Sleet

Howard Jameson 13 May 2019


David is a published author and a qualified Life Coach specialising in use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to give a focused and effective platform to supporting those in need.

Ayanay provides a dedicated space for Counsellors, Therapists & Coaches to Grow, Develop and Network. With a collection of workshops Seminars and Masterclasses, all delivered by some of the UK’s most Innovation and Dynamic professionals.

Hive Group UK  is a family run business that has developed a truly unique range of pure CBT based programmes to support people with experiences that can prove to be disadvantageous. 

The Hive, in the natural world is the most productive and successful organisational structure, I believe that humans have a lot to benefit from adopting a Hive psychology.  In a Hive every component is connected and supportive of the other components. As each component is strengthened, the other components benefit and the Hive grows. The bigger the Hive, the more successful it becomes and the cycle of development continues. If this approach could be adopted by humans, I believed that we would all develop a stronger inner sense of core skills that would build a greater resilience that can improve the chances for a positive outcome.   

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