MRS March 10th – Michael Philips Moskowitz

Russ Kane 11 March 2019


Relief is in sight for the millions of UK and US consumers suffering silently with a variety of different mood disorders such as stress and anxiety with the launch of the world’s first Digital Nutrition™ app called Moodrise.

Content within the Moodrise app focuses on six of the most popular mood states and related
neurotransmitters. These include Happiness (Serotonin), Confidence (Dopamine), Energy (Endorphins), Focus (Acetylcholine), Calm (GABA) and Connection (Oxytocin). Users of the app select which mood state they wish to improve, and are then served a series of different visual content ‘cards’. Each ‘card’ is supported by published scientific research and the content included has been specially created or curated to help deliver the desired chemical reaction in the brain.

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