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It is the story of Russ, a man from the North East of England, who slowly discovers he is
unable to do the every day things that he once used to do. His wife doesn’t understand
why he isn’t the man she married anymore in her eyes. His businesses start to fail and he is
unable to function properly. A visit to the doctor reveals he has Parkinson’s Disease. He
eventually tells his wife why he has been different. Expecting her to be understanding of
the situation, it comes as a surprise that she is not sympathetic at all. She leaves him and
his world falls apart.

Charlotte lives in the South East of England. She starts to gradually notice little changes in
her life regarding the simple things she one took for granted. She too is diagnosed with
Parkinson’s disease. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she discovers that her husband, who
had promised to end an affair, is actually carrying it on. She had previously given her
husband, David, an ultimatum…. end the affair and concentrate on their child and their
marriage. Unable to commit, David is guilt ridden and suffers badly from depression with
tragic circumstances.

Sen (short for Senar) was born in London to Turkish Cypriot parents although he had a
Greek Cypriot great grandmother.

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