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September 2019 – Samual Hickery – Emotional Well Being Champion

Samual Hickery

Samual Hickery

Emotional Well Being Champion

I am 30 years old and in my life I unfortunately suffered several times with mental illness, this included depression, social anxiety, paranoia and psychosis. The onset of each came at various times with various triggers, my most recent encounter with mental illness saw me face my demons when I was diagnosed with a tumour growing in my spine, however, I have learnt to control my demons and keep them at bay with some very simple and research proven techniques.

Working in the fitness industry I have found more and more men opening up about their mental state after I have spoken about my previous conditions, from this I was able to tailor training to help maintain focus and drive within day to day training and outlook on life. I found numerous research studies to back up my approach which proved that the link between physical activity and mental state are directly related as well as blood pressure issues, heart conditions and cognitive function.

When people say ‘only you can help you’ I think it’s a lot easier if you have a helping hand from someone who has been there and understands the demons.

Peace and love.

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