Team Members

Not to be discouraged by some challenges during the early part of his life, Sandro Forte has built one of the UK’s most successful and highly respected businesses, with individual and corporate recognition and awards too lengthy to list.

Dave is a personal trainer hailing from South Africa originally.

David is an award winning radio presenter and producer who credits radio with saving his life. After struggling with his mental health since he was a teenager, David was struck with a very serious breakdown in 2017.

Jack has been working as an actor, musician and voiceover in Theatre, TV, Film and Radio for forty years.  Jack's voice has also featured on commercials, corporate videos and computer games. He recently appeared in the comedy web-series, ‘Bleachers’ and is currently working on a solo album to be released later this year.

Tim McArthur is an actor, director, presenter and playwrite.

Noel McDermott is a pioneering health and social care professional with over 25 years of industry experience.

If you’ve seen the dog whisperer and wished there was one for men, you’re in luck! A personal development consultant, Kenny MammarellaD’Cruz aims to get to the heart of any man’s issues, whether it be with wealth embarrassment or the inevitable mid-life crisis. Kenny employs unique tools to empower men, allowing them to transform their lives and businesses almost instantly.

Dennis Relojo-Howell manages the social media accounts of Men's Radio Station.

Co-Founder Mens Radio Station Where Men Really talk about Mens Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

At Llandric we believe that our clients have the right to the very best in Information Technology services at a fair price.

James Blake is the Producer for Mens Radio Station. A history in Music, studying it at university, comes with a serious passion for music believing a good song can change anyone’s mood and brighten anyone’s day.

Phil Dave has been in the world of broadcasting for a number of years. Starting, like so many, in the world of hospital radio. Over the years, Phil has accomplished quite a few achievements; his main one being the youngest ever programme controller of a UK radio station at the age of just 19. Nowadays […]

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