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TOSPS.COM /Online Counselling Clinic

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Home of online counselling.

The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop is quite a mouthful and, being ever practical people, we refer to it affectionately as “TOSPS”.  You are welcome to do so too!

Here at TOSPS,  We give therapists, counsellors and clients a platform, allowing them to give therapy, receive therapy and counselling face to face online – in a way that is reflective of, and compatible with modern day technology and lifestyles. Mobile phone, Tablets , Laptops and the PC.

We want people to be able to receive their therapy session in the car, tent, office, house, the privacy of their bedroom, through lunch breaks, at any time day or night 24 hours a day 365 days a year across the globe – you get the picture!  All you need is a internet connection/wifi

We make therapy infinitely accessible to people who can and can not fit sessions into the traditional 9-5 hours of a working day. 
A friendly and jargon free web site , where you can select a ‘crisis’ route for emergency interventions i.e. when you need to talk to someone immediately, or use the ‘browsing’ facility for a more leisurely search .

Listen to Some Sample therapy sessions With Ginette