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Tony Bellingham is one of the UK's few master goldsmiths. He has the
highest qualifications including design, sculpting in silver and gold, carving precious hard
stones, diamond mounting, setting precious stones and engineering.
After 10 years at Asprey in Bond Street, he set up his own ateliers in Paris and London to
supply the legendary jewellery  houses including Asprey, Garrard, Hermes, Cartier,
Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Tiffany & Co.

Admitted as an emergency, a catheter inserted into his arm ruptured his radial nerve and
artery filling the entire limb with blood which resulted in a condition known as
compartment syndrome. The misadventure was not detected for ten hours. By the
time it was discovered doctors were battling to save his arm.

His radial and ulna nerves were irreversibly damaged and the error cost him the use of his
right hand. A further and cruel complication came in the shape of CRPS, or Chronic
Regional Pain Syndrome. Although he survived the trauma, Tony Bellingham was now
condemned to a life of excruciating pain and was unable to work.

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