Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

Tristan Lee has helped thousands of people all over the world with his work as ‘The Gorgeousness Coach’.  And now on Men’s Radio Station it’s THE TRISTAN LEE EMPOWER HOUR

Known for empowering and motivating people to age gorgeously inside and out, Tristan is committed to inspiring us all to live the lives we truly deserve.

I shall be giving advice on nutrition, fitness, self-esteem & personal care by offering simple and inexpensive solutions,it’s a radio show that will change your life and empower you for sure.

With a strong focus on self-value and self-belief, Tristan’s natural sense of fun and lust for life is infectious.

An expert in his field, Tristan practices what he preaches and is living proof that ageing doesn’t have to be something we dread.

Aged 48, Tristan is regularly mistaken for someone in his twenties due to his lifestyle choices and it’s his passion to share his ‘secrets’ with others.

Tristan also hosts workshops, and is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers, appears on radio and is a keynote speaker at national and international events.

His best-selling book, ‘Munch Move Moisturise: How to age Gorgeously in your 30s, 40s, 50s & beyond!’ is a complete toolbox for looking and feeling fantastic.

Show: The Tristan Lee Empower Hour

The theme of each show is to empower, educate & entertain people and take the listeners on a journey towards a holistic approach for increased physical & emotional well-being.

We will be sharing personal stories (& amusing recollections/insights!) where appropriate and weaving in current affairs (new books, articles, products etc to help with emotional & physical health) 

My book (‘Munch Move Moisturise: How to age Gorgeously in your 30s, 40, 50s & beyond!’) focuses on five chapters/topics for looking & feeling your best inside & out.

We will be covering these topics and more throughout the series.


  • Foods that boost your mood
  • Tip tips for eating healthier, feeling better
  • Easy ways to improve nutrition
  • Snack, treat ideas to increase positivity, energy & self-esteem
  • Save money, eat healthier by making your own lunch. Easy recipe ideas


  • Movement for improved mood
  • How to relax using stretching
  • How to stay motivated to keep physically active
  • The benefits of yoga, Pilates etc for decreasing anxiety
  • The power of walking in nature and it’s amazing wellness effects


  • How to share your feelings better
  • Journaling for processing emotions
  • Daily feelings check-ins: the power of becoming more present
  • How to express yourself in quick, easy ways
  • How to observe rather than judge our emotions for improved calm and confidence

Faces (skincare, personal care):

  • Top tips for improving self-care
  • Skincare as a tool for reducing stress
  • How personal care helps you sleep better
  • Using personal care as ritual, therapy and building self-love
  • How moisturiser can make your life better!


  • How to make magic out of the mundane
  • The power of laughter and how to have more of it
  • Using humour to gain perspective
  • How having more fun reduces negativity
  • Ways to find more joy & gratitude in your life

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