Your Voice, Your Day

The launch of Mens Radio Station has been an unheralded success. So much that many of you are ringing in with views, questions, and recordings of your own.

SO as to offer you only the very best in streaming programming, we have decided to set aside 1 whole day every week as a place to showcase your talents as broadcasters.

Depending on you content matter, we will provide you with a 30 minute slot on the set day, which will be repeated in a rolling basis as time allows. Included with this slot is a write up and feature on the website, with a podcast facility allowing for on demand play.

Simply, fill in the form below, and our producers will check it for suitability for air. And then we will contact you to sign an agreement allowing us to air your recording, and once you have paid for your 30 minute slot, we will schedule it for air.

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