Men’s Radio Station & Women’s Radio Station are expanding. We’re looking for a competent, efficient and bright engineer to join the full-time team immediately. Our studios are based in Covent Garden, Central London. This is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to get in, or back into, the radio industry.  We move fast, it’s fun, the subject matter is serious & you will be working alongside some superb broadcasters. Contact Howard Jameson on Opportunities like this do not come around that often, so grab it now!

Live Phone In Number: 0203 290 4411

Meet Our Staff

Co-Founder Mens Radio Station Where Men Really talk about Mens Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Phil Dave has been in the world of broadcasting for a number of years. Starting, like so many, in the world of hospital radio. Over the years, Phil has accomplished quite a few achievements; his main one being the youngest ever programme controller of a UK radio station at the age of just 19. Nowadays […]

BROADCASTER For twenty years, Sony Award Winner, Russ Kane, was the voice of Capital Radio’s ‘Flying Eye’, forming an on-air partnership with Chris Tarrant to create the most listened-to commercial radio show in the world, with an audience in excess of 4 million, Today, Russ can be heard on BBC Radio London, where his weekly, hour-long news reviews have earned a further loyal following and on TalkRadio.

Tim McArthur is an actor, director, presenter and playwrite.

Not to be discouraged by some challenges during the early part of his life, Sandro Forte has built one of the UK’s most successful and highly respected businesses, with individual and corporate recognition and awards too lengthy to list.

Dave is a personal trainer hailing from South Africa originally.

David is an award winning radio presenter and producer who credits radio with saving his life. After struggling with his mental health since he was a teenager, David was struck with a very serious breakdown in 2017.

Jack has been working as an actor, musician and voiceover in Theatre, TV, Film and Radio for forty years.  Jack's voice has also featured on commercials, corporate videos and computer games. He recently appeared in the comedy web-series, ‘Bleachers’ and is currently working on a solo album to be released later this year.

Noel McDermott is a pioneering health and social care professional with over 25 years of industry experience.

If you’ve seen the dog whisperer and wished there was one for men, you’re in luck! A personal development consultant, Kenny MammarellaD’Cruz aims to get to the heart of any man’s issues, whether it be with wealth embarrassment or the inevitable mid-life crisis. Kenny employs unique tools to empower men, allowing them to transform their lives and businesses almost instantly.

Dennis Relojo-Howell manages the social media accounts of Men's Radio Station.

At Llandric we believe that our clients have the right to the very best in Information Technology services at a fair price.

James Blake is the Producer for Mens Radio Station. A history in Music, studying it at university, comes with a serious passion for music believing a good song can change anyone’s mood and brighten anyone’s day.

Kenny Mammarell-D’Cruz

MenSpeak Wednesdays @ 1pm live

Noel McDermott

Wellbeing Wednesdays 9pm

Tim MacArthur

Healthy Acting Wednesdays 7-8pm

Jack Pinder - Thank You

Jack Pinder

Thank You

Jack Pinder - Thank You

David Stone

Mind Matters Wednesday @ 8pm

Mens Keep Fit Tips

David Selkirk

Mens Keep Fit


Britain’s first ever men’s radio station, run by men for men.

In an ever more complex world, men increasingly need a place to discuss serious matters that go to the heart of who they are.

The aim of Men’s Radio Station is to open up meaningful, helpful, constructive conversation in a ‘safe space’ where men can talk openly and honestly about even the most sensitive issues.

What is it to be a man in today’s society?  What are the pressures?

Men’s Radio Station looks, unflinchingly, at mental health, depression, physical health and well-being, fitness, relationships, work, – in fact, everything that affects men directly, but they are often too embarrassed to discuss openly.

This ground-breaking radio station offers practical and  emotional support from qualified experts, on a wide variety of subjects. It’s goal is to share knowledge, ideas and solutions across the spectrum of men’s physical and emotional well-being.

The suicide rate for men in the UK is frighteningly high. Men often suffer in silence  feel isolated and left to wonder where can they talk,  seek advice or listen to topics  which have a direct bearing to their life.

There is no current radio station with such a clear directive.

Men’s Radio Station will be available over the Internet, broadcasting across all platforms and mobile apps.

Award-winning broadcaster, Russ Kane will host and steer the show each week, bringing his 35 years of radio experience into the studio.

All of us have  had times when we’ve required mental or emotional support and at Men’s Radio Station, we are going to do our utmost to provide precisely that.

Men’s Radio Station – where men really talk.


Special  Introductory Offer:

On Men’s Radio Station, we will create and provide you with a fully-produced, professional 30-second radio commercial, finished to our exacting, high standards.

Your advert will be played out 96 times over the course of a 24 hour period, that’s 672 on-air plays across a seven day period. In addition to your radio commercial being on-air, it will also appear on the Men’s Radio Station website for a subsequent period of three months, all included as part of the package.
The recorded advert, with a web link direct to your own corporate website, will appear on our exclusive ‘Advertiser’s Page’.
For full details and pricing please contact Howard Jameson on 07939 442447.


As a sponsor of Men’s Radio Station, you will receive the following – your company or brand will be mentioned at the beginning and end of a chosen programme as a ‘bumper’. In addition,  you will have a 30-second radio advertisement in the commercial break when your sponsored programme is on air.

And there’s more – you will receive a free website entry and the opportunity to come on air as a guest in the studio as to profile your business.

We also have a tailored package, for a month-by-month sponsorship fee. We’d be delighted to talk you about this, so please contact Howard Jameson on 07939 442447..

Men’s Radio Station is Britain’s first…

‘Men’s Radio Station – Where Men Really Talk’.

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